Birds follow spring

Birds follow spring has relocated and is now open for visits ! I had the chance to visit the shop recently and, when you enter it, you can see how the founders, Vanida and Jean-Baptiste, in addition to their savoir faire, have great taste. As per their creations, the shop minimalist, classy and cosy. You’ll find at Birds follow spring fine jewelry, wood furniture and decoration but not only!

For a bit of history, see the bio below

I have always been a fan of their work, and hope to enlarge my collection in the near future. From the jewelry side, Birds follow spring is undeniably a place to visit. Made of gold and silver and using for some creations gems. The simple design, yet classy, can beautify your most simple attire. I particularly love her earrings and rings, but if you are more into necklaces and bracelets, you won’t be disappointed neither.

Their String of blessing are also the perfect gift for your love ones. Inspired from the cotton string from the Buddhism relion, Birds follow spring revisited them to be the perfect accessory to offer to your lover or your valued friends for instance. If you wish a special message on your string, do not hesitate to ask for their engraving service!

Later one, they added to their portfolio the Oudone Precious Silk brand, with the aim to sustain this tradition of the handmade sinh, while using precious silk. The creations are sumptuous, with details and the know-how you can only find with Lao weavers. Some pieces are available at Birds follow spring.

Decoration and furniture are not less of interest: using Lao wood, Birds follow spring turn it into amazing pieces, minimalist yet they will give to every room a real cachet. Big crush for the hut and the side tables.

Frames and photographies will give the final touch to your decoration, and if you feel you want to experience living in the middle of them, why don’t you have an Air B&B at the Island apartment across Wat Ongteu, a studio fully designed and decorated by Birds follow spring?

Birds follow spring
Behind Wat Ongteu
Open on appointment >> take one <<

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