Green lush in the Family Garden

I can’t tell if it started with the confinement of if it came from Hubbie who loves to be surrounded by the nature, sure thing is our balcony terrace is now full of plants, and when you feel it requires you time to water them every day, you realise you always want more! Since we regularly bought plants, we have more than 20 to take care of, and started to have some indoor also. Seeing plants from the windows while seating on the couch or when opening the curtains are a real pleasure… And gardening is such relaxing!

So when one of my friends proposed me to go for a shopping session, I could of course not say no.

We visited Family Garden who is selling plants and lovely rattan baskets, but also making their own cement pots. The shop is a hangar and has the production of the pots in the backyard. They have a small selection of plants, yet only nice ones. From the ones to put on a table to giant ones for a garden.

The selection of both plants and pots give you some many combination you could get lost in time. I love the rattan baskets for indoor, it gives a plant a cachet, even for the simplest one. For outdoor, I love the cement pots, and they have many shapes and sizes to fit every of your plants.

The shop is on a main street in Phonpapao, and I like the original set up, different of what you can usually find. The shop has opened recently and develop it into something even more cosy is in the plan. Especially, the mezzanine might be turned into a small coffee shop, to chill with friends and be surrounded by green.

Price are very reasonable, starting from 60,000LAK (6 USD) to 150,000LAK (15 USD) for the pots and baskets, count 100,000LAK and up for the plants. And before you leave, do not miss your picture with this special photo spot!

Family Garden
Location behind 103 Hospital, nearby Hi-Tech Lao Apparel

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