Brunch at La Cage du Coq

Who loves Brunch ? We do here ! Every week-end, at La Cage du Coq, you can enjoy a “all you can eat” brunch, from 11.00 to 14.30. To avoid waste as much as possible, the brunch isn’t a buffet however, you can ask for refill as long as your tummy can. Let’s dig into details of what you can have!

Choose among the options for eggs, breads, savory and sweet treats. If you are coming as a group, you might want to do it in a local way, order few of each, put everything in the middle of the table and share them. Not only you’ll get to taste everything, but I can ensure you sharing food makes it even better !

Everything is fresh from the oven on order, but try to be reasonable as much as you can: I made the mistake to order 6 different plates for 2. And for those who know La Cage du Coq, you know how generous they are!

But if you come with a big appetite (or that you are a bunch of friends), then here are my favorite combo:

  • Eggs: Cocotte Flammekueche
  • Bread: Ginger bread (a to-die for, especially when it comes warm) and Bugnes
  • Savory: Keftas (if you have to choose one, choose THIS ONE) and the Avocado & fish rillettes
  • Sweet tooth: the delicious granola, coming with fresh fruits and a scoop of ice cream

Avocado & fish rillettes
Ricotta stuffed eggplant cannelloni
Gnocchis in artichoke cream
Cocotte egg – most most favourite
These keftas though! Absolutely divine!
Homemade granola with coriander seeds

La Cage du Coq, this family business which always put quality and passion into their plate, welcomes you every day and you can’t be disappointed while paying them a visit. The music and the welcoming staff and owner will make you spend quality time, no doubt on it.

You will be out from here ready for a nap and I highly highly recommend you to try their brunch if you don’t know it yet.

La Cage du Coq
Hengbounnoy Street
Open every day for lunch and dinner

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