New Lao Ceramics at i:cat gallery

In 2019, Lao Disabled Women Development Center started to produce cookstoves and the project grew from an interest in expanding the products. Last year, I visited the Center for a donation and employees made us had a tour, where we could saw cookstoves and mugs branded with NGOs active here. I remember asking if tailor made products were available on order and I am very happy the project somehow is finally out !

During one week, creations from Kuntaly Salyaserd, Kampeng Ditsavong and Say Thammavong will be displayed at i:cat gallery. The purpose of the exhibition is to show there is a real market for distinctive Lao ceramics. The support they’ll received during this week will encourage these potters, who have been trained thanks to the support of MCC (Mennonite Central Committee), to continue the journey.

I bet the minimalist yet nice designs of glazed tableware won’t need a lot to convince you ! Bowl, mugs, plates and vases: no doubt you will love them ! I purchased three bowls and also asked if it was possible to place special orders. I would like to have bigger bowl for soups like pho or khao piaek, and larger plate to be able to contain a salad or a main. Fingers crossed they’ll reply positively !

It is worth to pay them a visit and prices are more than reasonable – not sure they’ll still have stock though ! And if not, that is definitely a good news: so they can see the real interest people of Vientiane have in handmade ceramic dinnerware.

New Lao ceramics at i:cat gallery
Please note i:cat has moved to a new location, still on Setthatirath, across Under Armour shop
Exhibition open from 22nd – 30th of August 2020
Open from 11.00 to 18.00 everyday

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