Sweet break at Dough & Co

When you look at places to have a sweet break, what comes to your mind? At Dough & Co, you will be enjoying mouthwatering doughnuts in a lovely place. Add a friend to the equation and it’s just the perfect break you needed. 

The coffee shop is located in Suanmone area (Sangweuy Village more specifically), in a cute and bright two-floors story building. Natural light, white brick walls and beautiful mosaic flooring make you want to spend hours chilling and eating.

If you decide to go for the breakfast or the brunch, you’ll have as options delicious toasts, kaphao, Lao salad and salmon or avocado platter.

Of course, you’d keep some room for desserts. And I warn you, choice will be tough: how could you possibly choose between a chocolate, coffee, raspberry stuffed doughnuts? And what if there is also a creme brulee option, HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY CHOSE? Be smart, go with friends 🙂 so you can go for all of them and share to get a bite of each. Second smart tip 😉 eat one and bring a take away to enjoy them at home.

Dough & Co
Open everyday from 7AM to 5PM

What’s your favourite flavor ?

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