[Luang Prabang] Pottery House Lao Food

While we took few days off in Luang Prabang, we checked the activities that remained open during the lockdown, knowing Luang Prabang almost rely only on international tourists. I saw several posts on Vientiane Social Facebook page for this house offering workshop in addition of selling their own creations.

Located at 6km from our hotel, and on the other side of the Mekong, we decided to take a motorbike – be always cautious while driving a motorbike, however, traffic in Luang Prabang is obviously less busy than in Vientiane, take it on a bark to cross the river and wandered on the other side. These barks float all day, transporting cars and motorbikes, in both ways.

We could not be welcomed in a better way, as the owner’s daughter was the one who greeted us. She is 4 and she is just SO DELIGHTFUL: she will make sure you have fresh water and banana from the garden while you are awaiting or looking at their creations.

The owner was telling us the Village used to be a landmark for the pottery, for 400 years now. Time passing, new generations had less knowledge. To preserve the tradition, they decided to open the Lao Pottery house. Today, 6 families continuing of Chan Neua Village are still preserving the techniques of pottery.

Before we started, the new trainee – a young Villager who started few weeks before – showed us roughly how we would proceed. He managed to shape a bowl in no time, making it look so easy to turn a simple clay ball into a creation (I ensure you now it’s not!). We were really impressed on his abilities to develop skill in such a short period of time!

It is time for us to start and we are now sitting in front of the wheel, with very not only talented teachers but also very pedagogic. The owner was with me this day, she was very patient, explaining the different steps and the technique of each gesture. It was really interesting and I can only underline how peaceful it was working with the clay on the pottery wheel.

You can shape pretty everything you would like to, I believe for beginners, easy pieces would be bowls, cups or plate. Hubbie decided to make me a bowl for my salads, me a plate. They explained us then that the pottery must be dried for few days (at least three) and then fired in a kiln, located 10 meters under ground!

Workshops can be conducted for individuals (minimum 2) or for a group (up to 12), and lasts around 30-40 minutes. Price is 100,000 per person per session. Additionally, you can also pay a visit to purchase pottery available at the House.

Facebook page >> here <<
Directions >> here <<

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