My “made in Laos” bathroom

Few days back, I was sharing on Instagram stories products from my bathroom. What was common to these products? They were all “made in Laos“, a value I cherish more and more, but also due to the choice we have today, obviously wider than what it used to be 5 years ago. So let’s go for a quick tour of the new chouchous products that are part of my routine.

Bamboo toothbrush

It was about a year ago, when Greener Laos started to launch their brand, that I decided to try their bamboo toothbrushes. There was at that time a pack offer, including a toothbrush and a stainless straw. Since that purchase, I have never switched back to the usual toothbrush we can find in usual markets. I love using them, the brush is just soft enough to not be painful for your gingiva.

Greener Laos
You can also find their products at (as I am aware of): The Greenhouse, Nomad Cafe, Dakdae, The First salon de Thé.
Other products of the brand: stainless straw, water bottle

Sao XiengKhouang sérum

I use this product on a clean face before going to bed. Made of honey and turmeric, I apply this serum, which is a kind of paste, locally, on my acne. Turmeric is well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties, particularly recommended for instance in Laos, to heal scars.

Ngam Té Skincare
The serum can be found at Dakdae shop.
Other products of the brand: face coco cleanser, face charcoal cleanser

Kaffir lime shampoo

This one is probably my favourite. Story says my great grand mother used to wash her hair with water and combava, this one having the reputation to make hair shiny. The product is 100% natural, the texture is similar to a gel, but it is very easy to apply.

I have been using it for about 6 months and I love how my hair look “clean” and shinny. Highly recommended !

Thaan Fun Organic farm
The Kaffir lime shampoo can be found at Dakdae shop.
Other products of the brand: Laundry soap, all-in-one cleaner, dish soap – exist in refill

Coffee soap

Oh, actually, this one might be the favorite ! Lol No. Well, actually I can’t decide ! Every time I go to Luang Prabang, a visit to Saffron coffee shop is a requisite, so I can get a cold brew, but also this soap, made of coffee and buffalo milk (from the farm in Luang Prabang). The coffee grounds are just what you need smell is simply to die for and it moisturizes your skin perfectly.

Saffron coffee
Other products of the brand: obviously coffee, coffee jam, coffee barbecue marinade

Body oil and body lotion

I am using both, depending on my mood – and how my skin is dry actually, between the coconut oil and the mango body lotion. The brand, established in 1995, is famous among both tourists and residents.

Les Artisans Lao
Other products of the brand: essential oils, mosquito repellent, shampoo bar

Cleansing wipes

Women putting make up will know: we use and throw at least twice a day cotton pads. Recently, I saw trends from cosmetics brand using reusable cotton pads, and I was really looking for this alternative but was not sure where to find them. Tiffany Valendoff, mostly known for her bags, started to sell some. This is my most recent purchase, I bought 3-4 wipes, and I am pretty happy. They leave the face clean and I just washed the first set few days ago (bought them last week) and now they are ready-to-use again ! It’s not only supporting local businesses, it will considerably lower my trashes at the end of the year.

Tiffany Valendoff
Cleansing wipes can be found at Le Comptoir (de Vientiane et d’ailleurs).
Other products of the brand: clutches, earrings, dreamcatcher

What about you? What are the “made in Laos” favorite products?

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