My little kitchen

I left the family cocoon with no idea on how to cook. Two reasons on that: it was always better eating what my mom was cooking; the second reason is that she was so exasperated with me she always kicked me out from her kitchen (si, si Maman). So once I got my own kitchen (I used to live with family), I thought it was time (never too late!) for me to learn how to cook.

With the confinement, we have cooked A LOT at home. We spent three weeks at home testing new recipes, Youtubing, calling our respective moms, … And so, I have plenty of them to share with you now! So…

I am pleased them to introduce this new category: My little kitchen.

Nothing fancy, not the original Lao recipes, but just some meals we cook, here, at home, just the two of us.
Some recipes might be 100% Lao, but they are what I used to eat and still having here. A mix of Lao, French, Vietnamese, Thai plates, no “purist” recipes, I always have my own twist. We all do, isn’t it?

Hope you’ll like them and bon appetit!

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