Staying home in the time of social distancing

Most of us have started to implement social distancing, sometimes with a work-from-home arrangement, sometimes avoiding crowded places lately. For my side, I started to work remotely since last week, and I am going out to shop food only; and because staying home feels sometimes challenging, I thought I could share with you some things to do at home during these difficult times. Feel free to add in the comment sections all the infos that might be of interest!

Hope you and your family and loved ones are fine, stay healthy and keep being positive!

Before anything else, it is always useful to share the best practices of safety, so I’ll start with this.

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And here some links to keep updated:

(Re-) Reading Colin COTTERILL

Follow the stories of Dr Siri, the only coroner left in the Country, 40++ years ago. His persistence and sense of humour are what make him charming. For the ones who live in Vientiane, you’ll love picturing Vientiane’s streets and landmarks in the 70s.

You should be able to find the books at the COPE Center, Monument Books or the cute library on Hengboun Street.

Learn how to cook Lao food

You’ve been living in Laos for years and never know how to cook the delicious dishes you can in the markets? That’s a good time to learn how to cook Lao food! We can start making the very easy meals or snacks, and what’s better than following a Chef for that?

Chef Saeng’s blog is full of mouthwatering traditional recipes.
Cr. picture: Chef Saeng

Khao jee
Khao lod song

Find even more recipes from Chef Saeng on his blog Saeng’s Kitchen


Chili, coriander, lemongrass, corn, basil, garlic, avocado, watermelon…: While you’re out for vegetables, make sure you bring back with you some easy-to-grow local vegetables home.

We have planted lemongrass, which grow so fast (at least the leaves), looking forward to the next ones. We like it a lot in our kaeng (soup), but I do love it as infusion, with pandan.

We are experimenting cornm chili and watermelon seeds: nothing so far lol… To be continued…

Pamper yourself

How many of us find time flies and we are so into running around to get things done we don’t take enough to pamper yourself ?

Hair and face masks, manucure and pedicure, a bath… Do support Local brands or look for a DIY recipe.

Cr. picture: Les Artisans Lao Facebook page

I have tried one for the dark circles, made of 1 tbsp of olive oil + 1 tbsp of coffee grounds. Apply for 15 minutes – and if you have some left, you can use it on the face – and see the difference !

Plan your next holidays

Once it will be possible to travel again, choose Laos as a destination ! I was initially planning to go back to Namkat Yor La Pa for Pimay this year again, because I remembered how it was amazing being surrounded by nature. I guess that will happen later this year.

As a short-trip-by-car, there is of course the Sanctuary Nam Ngum. You’re living in a bubble and that is definitely an option if you are looking for rest !

To know more about Namkat Yor La Pa, click >> here <<
To know more about Sanctuary Nam Gnum, click >> here <<


Pictures frame, decoration, photobook… With social medias tools such as Instagram and Pinterest, it is now very easy to find inspiration and tutorials to DIY. Well, of course, it implies we have all the required tools at home, but well, you never know 🙂

I have started a recipe book. It is now recipes from my mom or different apps, but I would love to make some collages with pictures here and there, similar to what I used to do when I was younger with recipes magazines.

Working out

I have to admit working from home has its advantages (besides the fact I can sleep one hour more…): I am now able to workout. I did a “run” (a very very short one), during which I did not meet anybody (7.30AM in the morning), I watched a Zumba class…

And I just learnt today the Gym I am going to will organize online classes. I have to say I am very happy as I tried for months joining this class (which is always full) but because of work or no motorbike, I couldn’t.

Check on your family and friends

Spending more time home also give you more time to organize video calls. Check on your family, your friends. Because now they (people in France at least) have time, so do you: no more excuse no1 :)!
It’s the chance to catch up, spend hours on the phone, and even organize e-aperos!

2 thoughts on “Staying home in the time of social distancing

  1. Good Morning from Seoul, Korea! How have you been? Are you ok from Co19?
    I think Lao is peaceful at least. Actually, My family is in there. I am worried.
    anyhow, I pray. by the way, I try to read your recommendation.


    1. Hello Samuel ! Thank you for your comment, we started the confinement last Monday and hopefully, it will really help to reduce the spread of the virus…!
      Take care and stay safe, hope things are getting better in Korea !


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