Toong Co-working space

It often happens I am looking for a quite place to work on the week-end, either for office or for the blog. It is sometimes a bit tricky when you choose a coffee place and it finally ends up to be a bit noisy, so co-working space is definitely a great option.

Toong opened few months back in Vientiane, after successful 4 years of operations in Vietnam (a network of 16 locations at that day), and more recently in Cambodia. I am currently writing from here now and I just wanted to share my first experience with you.

Well, it’s great ! It is designed and decorated with style, with dark grey floor and touch of woods here and here. The place is still bright, with he natural light from the terrace of The Link (my favorite place for tapas) will offer you a serene atmosphere. You will also be surrounded by green, the whole will probably boost your productivity (exactly like right now for me).

The team is very caring and you can feel Customer service is a priority for Toong.

I am sitting right now in the open space right now, where around 20 people can work from. There are also 2 corners with rocking chairs where you can read a book from the library they do have: photography, magazine or business reading, you might not be disappointed by their collection.

I had access to the space today with a daily pass, however, it is possible to rent a mobile or fixed desk on monthly basis. The Vietnamese co-working space guarantees you to save up a lot (up to 60%) on usual expenses, the place offering equipped rooms, access to Internet, and services like printer and meeting room.

Talking about meeting room, Toong has 2 available for rent, with an hourly rate.

Complimentary hot coffee and tea are at your disposal during your time there.

Toong Co-working Space
Royal square building, 3rd floor
Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM
Sat 8AM-12PM

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