Lao Handicraft Market: my crushes

Last week-end (On the 16-17 November), the first Lao Handicraft market took place at Le Padaek, a two-days event where designers could showcased their beautiful products. A dozen of booths made the show with their beautiful creations.

I just wanted to share with you my crush – and there’s a lot of Indigo!

Lao Natural
I didn’t know about the brand, did you? Founded in Luang Prabang (recently established in Vientiane), Lao Natural proposes high quality natural products, using Lao ingredients and materials, with the will to improve Local capacities building. There were shower gel, soap, honey and candles that day.

The candle smell coffee is just amazing! It gives our living room such a nice atmosphere.

Find more about them: Lao Natural

The smell of the candle is just amazing!

Bidalack, founded by Touni, the local celebrity, specially came from Luang Prabang for the fair, showcasing beautiful earrings and clutch. The clutch can even be personalized with your name (or not :)). Planning to order one, to bring at receptions or partys, and if you want to do so, you can receive it in Vientiane within 10-15 days.

Find more about them: Bidalack Lao brand

As shoes maker, SIIS gives you the possibility to choose the fabric or material, the heels and the height of them. The pricing is very correct, as the designer would like to make it affordable for all. The plus? The shoes are made here in Laos. The collection this day was exquisite… and I am confirming an order…
Are you (like me) a high heels fan?

Find more about them: SIIS Shoes maker

Oudone Precious Silk
Advocating for high quality silk pieces, with a 21st century twist by using old-school weaving process, Oudone had fabulous belts, which will give any of your outfit a classy touch.

Find more about them: Oudone Precious Silk

Kinnari proposes organically grown tea from Laos.

I brought home the Green tea Sticky Rice, from the Bolaven Plateau. I also highly recommend the Silver Cloud Sticky rice (White tea). The box looks so nice, very premium and the price is more than affordable!

Find more about them: Kinnari – ຊາ ຈາກ ລາວ Tea of Laos

Silver Cloud White tea

The young lady offers a range of wonderful outfits, both casual and chic. Most of her creations consisted in two pieces, that could definitely be worn separately, but together, give you style in this total look. Very promising designer!

This Indigo suit is just GORGEOUS! I want it….

Find more about them: Daliya design

Simple Bia
Couldn’t find anything on social medias about the brand, but I can tell you that Simple Bia has wonderful pieces, made of cotton, from jacket, blouse to dress.
Really really love the pieces they had at the market, especially this jacket and this top.

Boutsaya is well-known for the large choice of hand-crafted textiles (her sinh are splendid), but she also has variety of products such as bags and clothes.
And because one picture speaks more than a thousand words: this dress though…

Find more about them: Boutsaya Saya

Have you visited the market? What did you buy?
I love more and more these pop up events, I found that so many new Lao brands are yielding in the Vientiane scene and I do love more and more shopping local.
#madeinlaos #laossimplyamazing

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