Dakdae shop

ດັກແດ້ Dakdae – or the cocoon of a new way of shopping in Vientiane.

“Dakdae is Lao name which mean cocoon, a cocoon that looks all the same when they are young but in fact it hidden different beauty, talents and characteristic in side that might not able to visualize. But one day, these cocoon will grow up and become butterflies that have various naturally beauty and role that make ecosystem become diversify. Dakdae represents young entrepreneurs and artisans that DakDae social enterprise aim to coach and provide opportunity for them to share/show their talents and generate income in parallel with positive social and environmental impacts.”

What a beautiful vision at the start of this project, who took form in a wonderful shop, located in Phonsinuan. a 100% Lao product shop.

I saw many posts on my Facebook feed lately about this shop, but was unable to go myself on their opening hours. Now I visited it, I am so excited to share with you some pictures of ດັກແດ້ Dakdae.

100% Lao products

The lady, who was here today and who is one of the owners, was just receiving a stock of new product. While the vendor was explaining her they were exporting in Europe, she was saying she wanted first of all Lao people to try all these Local products, which are still unknown from the majority of the population.

I really do hope awareness will be raised in the near future to Local communities, and I even love living here, when all the efforts and the awareness are at the very beginning, which let me think we will be witness of the changes that will happen in Laos ❤ in terms of sustainability, social and responsible shopping, and in a wider way, environmental issues.

Time to show you now the great products you can find at ດັກແດ້ Dakdae, from sinh to cosmetics.

At the back of the shop, products from Les Artisans Lao like variety of rice, teas and infusions or Dakdae Organic honey are displayed. As a rice-eater, I am very happy to find different types of it – currently, I switch from white rice to Black non sticky rice, but also the honey that will come as a tub and make it very convenient to use.

It is also possible to purchase some beautiful sinhs, cotton pieces from Bokeo provinces, soybean candles or some cutleries.

Dakdae Organic honey
Natural dye cotton from Bokeo
Soybean candle Mango smell

Ngam Té – understand so beautiful – is the skin care branch of Dakdae, made from responsible and organic Lao products. The lady from Baramii spa recommends me to try their natural products, so I had a look at the range and the products seem amazing!

Serum from turmeric, cleanser from charcoal and coconut or body scrub made of coffee, I will definitely share my feedback of my use of them (more likely on Instagram, so stay tuned!). I just bought a scrub in the small size (10,000LAK) to try it out, but I would probably go for the big jar very soon :).

Lao cosmetics

Besides the Cosmetics products, ດັກແດ້ Dakdae has… A refill station ! And that is probably one of the most exciting part of the shop (but all the “rest” is definitely worths a visit too !). Products come from Than Fuun, a local farm located at the KM40 in PakNgum District.

Kaffir shampoo, laundry and dish soap are, at the moment, the products you will be able to purchase by weight. Bring your jar, your bottle of water or any other container and order what you need. I am really looking forward to new addition to these products !

The initiative is great, and there are different spots around town where you can have a refill of these products (Dam Dam Coffee for instance)

Refill station
(seems we have a guest on the picture)

Are you already a Customer of Dakdae?
What are your feedbacks on this type of shopping ?

Here are the few ones I bought today.

Dakdae shop
Phonsinuan Road, Hom 6
Opening time: Mon-Sat I 9AM-5PM

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