[Bangkok] Yaowaraj Quartier

While Bangkok offers a wonderful choice of food, Yaowaraj is probably the yummiest street of the Thai Capital. During my trip in Thailand, I paid 2 visits to the quartier as food is incredibly good!

It is busy and you sometimes most of the time have to queue to get your on-the-go food. But once you taste anything in this street, you understand patience will be your best ally here.

Yaowaraj street

The food stalls and restaurants start business around 6 in the evening, I arrived the two times around 8, but I am pretty sure pavements are busy even before the restaurateurs open their doors!

To be honest, I just stopped at 4-5 stalls, but I will definitely try more next time I visit Bangkok! Not only I will be trying more food, but I’d certainly have a walk in the neighborood as it seems full of old buildings.

On the first night, the first stall I saw was a Patanko one (in Laos, we call it khaonom khoo or twin pastry). What special about it ? The shop has been in the Michelin guide 2 years in a row! The queue was about 1km (no I don’t exagerate at all!!!), so I didn’t really even try to get some…

What we had were Rosted duck fresh noodles soup and Fish maw soup – you have to know that it is really yummy and tasty, in a small canteen ran by a family, accompanied by a Singha beer.

All full (we were in family), by walking out from the shop, I HAD (yes, there was no other choice) to stop by the homemade dim sum and bao kart. Oh… It was so soo sooo goood (I am salivating right now, just FYI)!

And because there is always a room for dessert, we crossed the street and headed to the sweet treats of Chinatown: whatever grains or sweet bites in milk (coconut for some vendors) or the oldest brioche filled with jam of the quartier (here again, you have to be patient!)

Duck Homemade noodles soup


Not only the food is wonderful, fresh and tasty, but all the atmosphere of the quartier is definitely a must-go while in Bangkok: big illuminated signs, busy traffic (that even a motorbike taxi, the wiin, can’t even move), the smell of all these stalls, the show offered by some of them… The effervescence at Yaowaraj is a unique experience. Really, having dinner in the street of Chinatown is worth the traffic jam and queuing for whatever you want to taste.

Patanko, in 2018 and 2019 Michelin guide

On the second night, it was much more quiet as we tried out one of the fancy restaurants around. Located right after the crowd, we enjoyed the dinner at the 33th floor of an hotel, when you can have a 360° view of Bangkok. Indeed, it takes exactly one hour to the platform to turn and gives the opportunity to its Customers a great experience!

You got it, I loved discovering Chinatown on my last Bangkok’s trip, and if you have plan to travel soon, make sure you book one evening for Yaowaraj!

And you, what is your favorite time or meal at Chinatown ?

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