Fitness World ICONIC

I was writing about my relation with fitness center ealier this year >>here<< and you know what ? Not only I am still going to the gym, but I even go more often than I used to!

The yearly membership I subscribed last summer also gave the access to the second branch of Fitness World, opened early this year. Located behind the Embassy of Vietnam, in Phaxay Village, this branch is more conveniently located from my office.

Note: at the time – end of August – I am publishing this post, I just renewed my membership at this branch)

The facilities are great, despite not as spacious as the ITECC one. Still, it has a modern look thanks to the dark flooring and black paint. The gym center is equipped with good North Fitness machines and weights.

Personnally, I workout much more than I do cardio. I am following workout exercises from a lady on Instagram: I can feel my body is getting firmer but I know I should couple it with treadmills or cycling. Still, I am still lazy >-< !

If you are interested in working on weight, check Cathrin Ly profile >> here << I love her Compound day sessions, but the Legs day are pretty painful too! If you decide to go with her workout, please feedback and let me know what you think (and feel free to suggest other ones).


Same as ITECC, you have access to classes during the week days, such as Muay Lao, Zumba, Aerobic or Circuit Training. There are courses every day, starting from 5-5.30PM: it is way too early for me, but I time to time manage somehow to attend one of those.

The Circuit training is still as busiest as it used to be with Coach Bob from Thailand, so I never went to his courses lately, but I manage to have some Zumba classes with the trainer coming from Fanglao. She’s great, really! Highly recommended! You have also the Sexy dance class on Friday evening with the same trainer.

On spot, you can also enjoy fresh smoothies, some on the menu including collagen.

There was a promotion at 1,9 million the yearly membership until 31st of July, let’s see if they will have another offer for back to school! Regular price is 3 million per year, 40,000LAK the day pass

Fitness World The Iconic
Mon-Fri 6AM-9PM
Sat-Sun 9AM-9PM

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