Baramii Spa

Massage usually goes with week-end for me, but since a new spa opened its doors nearby my place, I thought I might change my habits.

For now, my experiences at Baramii Spa closed my weeks – or marked the beginning of the week-end. Both having the same pleasant sound :).

Newly opened in Sisattanak District, Baramii is ran by a lovely Lao-Australian woman. The place is beautifully arranged, mixing natural wood color and green bedsheets: a totally relaxing match, make me thinking to Scandinavian decor.

You will be welcome by a fresh towel and a cup of refreshing tea.

Among the prestations they offer, I have tried the Signature massage and, just yesterday, the Back, head and shoulder massage. While I was expecting “another” traditional Lao massage – and not that I don’t like it – I was pretty surprised experiencing different massage.

Indeed, the Signature massage is a mix of Lao and Thai (that I don’t know much). When I usually go to the massage because I have pain in the shoulders and the back, I like to feel the masseuse insists on the painful points. It was not at all what I had there, but when I went out from it, pfiou, no pain!

The second massage was as good as the first one, especially when the masseuse focuses on the shoulders and the head.

Before you leave the place, you’ll enjoy a cup of hot lemongrass infusion with some lotus seeds, for their detoxifying and antioxydants properties.
Not only that, you’ll enjoy them in the nice sofa corner, surrounded by green.

Baramii Spa
Open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9 to 9
Watnak Noiy Road (same as Embassy of China and GIZ)

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