Le Padaek, Spirit of Lao Food

This article is for the amateurs of Lao Food.

Le Padaek, which just opened few weeks ago in Naxay Village, serves some delicious and authentic Lao dishes. Not only that, if you haven’t tried it out yet, the atmosphere with all these lotus flowers and this old traditional Lao house will definitely charm you. No way you don’t love it, you just can’t!

It is a perfect spot for a lunch – especially if, like while I am writing the article, it’s a cloudy day – but I can’t wait to spend an evening there.

Tips for the couples: having dinner on the terrace with the view on the lotus.

Le Padeak places this typical Lao seasoning in the middle of these dishes, and this his how you get typical Lao food! On the menu, you’ll have a large choice of barbecue and tum. My favourite one is the Luang Prabang style tum – for the curious ones who don’t know about it, the papaya salad is sliced into large pieces, where you usually replace the Padaek by a crab sauce, and you’ll add small eggplants.

Everything we had on this day was honestly delicious! Tasty like I love, and of course, the atmosphere helps to enjoy a little bit these bites.

Tum Luang Prabang

We ended this biiiiiig lunch with even bigger desserts: Boua Loiy and a dessert platter to share (and that we couldn’t finish).

When some people said Lao food doesn’t have a lot desserts, I could disagree more! Though coconut and coconut milk are main ingredients, there are a lot of different tastes out there!

Anyway, the final touch was as good as the mains.

Prices are more than correct, and I will definitely post new pictures once I’m back there, stay tuned on IG!

Dessert platter for two
Boua Loi

Le Padaek “Spirit of Lao Food”
Naxay Village (next to Senglao Café)
Open everyday for lunch and dinner

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