Nam Kat Yorla Pa, Paradise on Earth

I have been living in Laos for more than 5 years, but to be honest, I haven’t travelled a lot accross the Country. My jobs, the past ones and the current one, bring me to work on Saturday most of the time, and if I don’t, Hubbie does. It is a bit complicated to plan getaway, but this Pimay was the perfect occasion.

3 days out of Vientiane. 3 days in th forest. Here we are Nam Kat Yorla Pa.

Namkat Yor La Pa is the new trendy resort in Oudomxay, Northern Laos. If you never heard about it, just check out their FB page and I bet you’ll book your air tickets straight away. It is the perfect destination if you want to relax and experience slow life.

Khmu Village at sunset time

On Sunday morning, here we are, just after passing by a Khmu Village, we entered the resort complex, with a beautiful and warm welcoming lobby. While you are checking in, enjoy the view on the swimming pool with the sound of the river and mountains as landscape.

Best spot for a reading escape

We then reached our bungalow, and you’ll love them also because they are all facing the river and the forest.

We stayed in a superior room.

Among all the activities options you can choose (and the ones include in the package we booked), we did: the 30 minutes ATV, the 3 ziplines and drinking coffee on the zipline (this one was definitely the extra JUST for the selfie !). We had a lot of fun during those 3 (a bit less for me on the first zipline haha).

You can choose packages combining various activities, I regret we never woke up early enough to have a half or full day activity.

During all of them, the staff was very careful and seems to be pretty experimented.

– I will proabably have a post dedicated to the activities, stay tuned for that!

The rest of the time, we spent it napping (we slept so well), chilling (the massage is incredibly amazing) and eating.

Talking about eating, the restaurant offers a selection of Lao, Asian and Western dishes. We went for Lao food for all our meals, and it was pretty good ! We especially loved the Oudomxay sausages, and the papaya salad was that good it came along all our lunches and dinners.

Oudomxay sausages
Papaya salad
Khao soi

It took me time to write this article, even though I couldn’t wait to share it with you… But it was so relaxing, it is a bit selfish, but I wanted to keep this bubble for me a little bit longer.

If you are in need of a break, Namkat Yorlapa is honestly the best getaway I would recommend! It involves a flight, and probably a day off if you want to do it through a week-end, but it definitely worth it!

We had great time there, thanks to so many things, including the hotel staffs, the spot and all the services you can enjoy there.

Tips & Crushes:

  • Flights from VTE: Lao Skyway – morning flights, Lao Airlines – noon flights
  • Transfer from ODX Airport to the resort to be booked in advance
  • Nam Kat Yorla Pa promotion >> here <<
  • Spa: the Lao Massage, definitely!
  • Restaurant: try the Oudomxay sausage

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