5 things Laos taught me

The following post was in my drafts for more than 6 months, and the only reason I never posted it was because I didnt have any pictures to put (so the ones below will be completely randomed). As I am reading it again today, I just decided to publish it that way, because I actuall really want to share the content with you.

I am really not ready to “show the World” who I am, and I am pretty happy you are more and more every day to visit the blog or to follow me on IG, so I thought sharing some mood posts (and more personal though) could be a fair compromise.

This post will be a bit personal as I just passed recently my 5 years in Laos (5 !!!) and I took this opportunity to do a little bit of instropection and think about what I learned in Laos over the past 5 years.

So here are the 5 things Laos taught me.

Being kind.

I am not fundamentally bad; I mean I get angry, I sometimes said bad stuffs and I complain a lot (don’t forget I am French haha), but speaking louder to be heard was a rule for me. It changes and I can tell, kindness makes us win some battles.

Being happy with what you have.

It will sound completely superficial, but where was I supposed to shop my outfits every month ? You go back to France once a year, refill your wardrobe, but you have more 12 months to stay without malls. So you just learn to live with less. And you just realize it is fine.

Well, the shopping was just an example (I am not a fashion addict), but you actually cut a lot of material things from your life, and at the end, it doesn’t make you be less happy.

Living the slow life.

I don’t come from a big city, but still, you have to run: run after the bus or the subway, the bank that closes at 5, the doctor at 6 and the supermarket at 7.

Here, I used to get crazy at work or on the road (and still working on myself !) but at the end ? Things won’t go faster. Just learning to walk along them, even if it means sometimes you will miss some deadlines. Things can take time to be done, but they will be.


Building a family.

I grew with my parents teaching me how family was important. I have some family members here, and I realized when I arrived that it doesn’t always make sense to love someone you don’t know that much about.

Friends I met are now my Lao family. We built memories and we faced difficult moments, one by one and all together. Most important: we are standing by each other at any time of the day.


Advocating the “Bor pen yung”.

Yes. Put things in perspective. Don’t overreact. Things can be fixed.

The philoshophy of the bor pen yung attitude is often subject to jokes, but it is so helpful ! Your sleep and your health will thank you for letting things go.

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And you, for how long have you been in Laos ? Do you love it as much (or more) as me ?

One thought on “5 things Laos taught me

  1. I love your blog!
    I have recently moved to Vientiane, 1 week in and 6 months to go! Super excited &/a little nervous of course.
    This post has helped me get some perspective on the day to day concerns I am having whilst job/voluntary position searching., and starting to build a little life out here.
    Are you still based on Vientiane?
    Hope to hear from you!


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