Tai, Feast of the East

I didn’t have enough motivation these past weeks to get out of my couch when I had the occasion to rest, but the new Tai Feast of the East was on my to-try list, so I went there on a Friday night, to spoil myself with a nice dinner after a some crazy working weeks.

Located in a small alley not far from the Anou Night market, you’ll love the Chinese canteen style. Turn off your phone, take a seat, enjoy the Chinese music and the step back in time atmosphere.

We decided to go for some Jade dimsum, and some rice plates, one of them having the name of dog rice.

This one is simply the name of some garlickly salted pork bites, served with a very flavoured rice.

We also shared a deep fried seafood plate, also coming along with rice.

I was tempted by some cups of Chinese tea, but it was that hot this night, that we decided to go for fresh coconuts.

All was very tasty, and we were really full by passing the door!
Prices are more than reasonable, with an average of 30,000LAK each.

I also loved the intimacy the place can offer in the evening, although I saw it is pretty crowded during lunch time.

Plants and music in the background give the place a serene atmosphere that is perfect for a dinner with your lover.

Staffs were lovely too.

Tai, Feast of the East
Phnom Penh Road (next to Indigo café)
Open from 11AM to 9PM

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