[Vang Vieng] 24 hours in Vang Vieng

My first trip of 2019 was a two-days trip in Vang Vieng. I haven’t been there for a while (2014 for a week-end, 2015 for a business trip), and I didn’t actually miss it, but Hubbie wanted to leave Vientiane for a day, so Vang Vieng was the best option I guess.

But once we arrived there, I remember how the views were amazing. Let’s go for 24 hours in Vang Vieng!

We had our own car and we left Vientiane around 8AM, so it was not too early for the check-in at the hotel.

We stayed at Faraway suites, which opened few weeks only before our arrival. Located just after the city center, the rooms are spacious and very clean. We slept like babies, the bed was really comfortable and the air con works well (we actually had to turn it off as it was 15°C during the night!)

Far away suite
View from Far away suites

I couldn’t remember much about the town, except the restaurant at the “roundabout” on the main street. This is where we had our first meal: classic grilled chicken with papaya salad and sticky rice.

After this early lunch, and even if it is a bit pricey, I wanted to rent a buggy to go around the town. No regret at all as we had a great afternoon driving on the dusty roads with incredible views.

Favourite scenery

First stop, the famous Blue Lagoon. It was crowded (as usual), but I have to admit the color of the water is amazing. We left after 5 minutes for the Blue Lagoon 3, which was less full, but where we could climb the mountain to enjoy a view on the paddy field. Done during the rainy season, it must be breathtaking!

At the “top” of the mountain this day, we were by our own and it was really really really cool to watch nothing but “green”. Really.

On the way back to town, I told Hubbie to drive slowly, so we could enjoy being lost in the middle of nowhere. It sounds ridiculous, but it was the first time I enjoyed not having 4G…

Blue Lagoon 3 view point

Once back in town, we were starving and the buggy man suggested us to find THE barbecue restaurant after the Wat. We ate for 10! The restaurant has fresh meat every day, their pork ribs were just fabulous. It is located not that far after the temple (when on the left) after the city center. As most of the restaurants in Laos, it has Pepsi tablecloth so I guess it won’t help much… Sorry.

Later in the evening, we went for a massage in the main street. To be honest, I love having them in silence, but with all the tourists in town, it was a bit difficult to find a quiet place, but when the girls started to manipulate my back, I just forgot about the noise.

Sunset in Vang Vieng

The day after, it was kayak day. We took one of the agency at the roundabout/junction of the main street. They were kind and very profesionnal.

The departure point is at the Goat cheese farm (and I am salivating thinking about them); it was not really planned, so I didn’t prepare the sunblock cream, so advise for you reader: buy some! We left at around 9.30AM and my skin was already burning.

That said, kayaking on the river is as peaceful as driving surrounded by mountains. We had real pleasure going down the river without big effort (at least me, but Hubbie might not tell the same story), and once again, leaving your phone in the bag (except for pictures :)) is the best advice I can give you.

I was a bit reluctant going to Vang Vieng, that I was picturing full of tourists + clubs only; it ended as one of my most disconnected week-end, far from my phone and social medias. And a big breath of fresh air.

Slow life
Namsong river

Far away suites >> here <<

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