Jewelry at Interwoven

“Interwoven was born out of a vision to provide job skills training and a safe working environment for women in South East Asia.”

I remember visiting the shop while it was at Namphou almost 4 years ago; now Interwoven has moved to Wat Ongteu, and the creations are as much lovely as they used to be, if not more.

When I arrived in Laos, I was more into necklaces, but now, my addiction to necklaces turns into a new one: the one for earrings. I wish I could wear different ones everyday! Lol

Interwoven is like Paradise for addicts like me. In addition of the sustainable part of course, their design are not like anyone else, and you should really find your style, whatever you like.

Bracelets, necklaces or earrings, made from pearls or leathers, short or long, prices are very reasonable. I bought earrings at 60,000LAK and a bracelet at 40,000LAK.

[HOT NEWS] At the time I am writing this post, I just read Interwoven counts a hair salon at the second floor of the shop. Can’t wait to visit them again!

Behind Wat Ongteu
Open from Monday to Saturday, 11AM – 7PM

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