[Luang Prabang] Living Craft Centre by Ock Pop Tok

There are some places which are that peaceful time doesn’t matter. The Living Craft Centre by Ock Pop Tok is one of them. I had the chance to visit it last month while I was in Luang Prabang for a week-end.

Located a bit out of town, right after the Phosy market on the way to Kuangsi waterfalls, the Centre welcome simple visitors, but there is a possibility to attend weaving classes.

All along the visit, you’ll learn about silk, the process of weaving, but also the traditional methods and outfits. It was really interesting, I could have spend the day there (I stayed “only” 3 hours lol).

What they do

The Centre’s – and Ock Pop Tok – vision aims to help and offer Women from the Villages to increase their revenues in a sustainable way. Indeed, Ock Pop Tok guarantees a minimum wage to every of the woman working there.

Every of them was working on a different piece, and I didn’t dare to take a lot of pictures of their work, as I thought it is kind of personal.

I had a tour at the boutique and the pieces are simply amazing, this is impressive to see the work (and especially the details) delivered for every single product.

Before leaving, make sure you grab some food and sip a fresh coconut at the Silk Road Café, enjoying the atmosphere of the caban, the river bank or the open restaurant.

I was not that hungry, but I couldn’t resist to their trio of Hummus. Oh, how good it was! The traditional one, and two others colorful ones, flavoured with green curry for the green one and with beetroot for the pink one.

Trio of Hummus

The Living Craft Centre by Ock Pop Tok
125/10 Ban Saylom
Luang Prabang
071 212 597
Website l Facebook page

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