It used to be a place where I used to spend time and I had some very good memories there. Visited last week, I feel like I will build some new souvenirs there. (Can’t believe it took me more than 1 month to post again!)

I loved the place, the atmosphere and the food was just so good!

We seated on the balcony terrace as the weather at night was (that night) 20°C and we really enjoyed having dinner there.

The service is very careful and we appreciated their kindness.

Before we had our food, they served us some amuse-bouche, which was this night Miaeng from Luang Prabang.

We then shared a plate of mix meat with a papaya salad and of course, some sticky rice coming in a ka-tib-khao. I added a set of jeo to come along with some khao kop who were served with dips (my favourite one is the eggplant one), those delicious crispy rice galettes.

A Lao Traditional music live is held from Tuesday to Sunday. You will be in a bubble during one night, I really loved the decoration. With the wood, the colonial atmosphere and the sound of the nalard, it is a perfect spot for a romantic evening.

I was too full to have a dessert but I saw on their FB page they have a roas pineapple topped with a homemade coconut ice cream… Definitely to be tried for my next visit there!

Traditional Lao instrument

Ka-Tib-Khao advocates for Authentic Lao Food and I really think they won their bet. Prices are not that high, I warmly recommend it.

I am not sure if more plates will be added to the menu, but I am really looking for it.

Setthatirath Road (former Max’s Grill)
Open every day for lunch and dinner

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