Retrospective 2018

I remembered my “engagement” – at least my will – to be more consistent on the blog in 2018, and in a certain way, I did. You are also more and more to follow and to read me, really, thank you for that.

With the success of #2018bestnine on Instagram, I thought about a retrospective on my year on the blog. So here are 12 posts I decided to reshare with you.

January. An article that you loved: the 5 reasons why you should not love Vientiane. And I took real pleasure to write it! Nothing much to add, the title is explicit enough (I guess).
If you want to re-read it, it’s >> here <<

Mekong riverbank

February. Sangthong, a real crush. The road is so pleasant and the view is superb. Today is Saturday 29th of December and, with the cool weather (27°C), I am dreaming of a lunch there !
>> my article <<

Sala in Sangthong

March. Patuxay reopening. It was a place I used to go when I freshly arrived, and the renovation works made it an even better place for lunch with friends.
>> my article <<

Patuxay Café

April. Our Pimay in Luang Prabang, a good memories, far away from the “crowd” but still living the moment.
>> the first article <<

Wat Xiengthong

May. Rocket Festival in one of the village on the Road 13 South, at KM40

>> my article <<

May. Rocket Festival in one of the village on the Road 13 South, at KM40.
>> my article <<

Where did the rocket go ?

June. Street food. Because it is always good, and I know how you like it too.
>> my article <<

Sweet treats in Haysok Village

July. Waterfalls around Vientiane are the perfect getaways, don’t you agree ? I brought you at Tad Leuk in last July
>> my article <<

Tad Leuk bridge

August. Finding a place where to have dinner pretty late in the evening is not that easy in Vientiane, but we always can make it.
>> my article <<

That Khao dimsum

September. Sine dard is one of my favourite type of restaurants. Do you like it too ?
>> my article <<

Saylomyen sine dard

October. If you are into fusion cuisine, 3 merchants is for you.
>> my article <<


November. The story about my 5 years in Asia, one of my few personal posts that I loved to share with you.
>> my article <<

That Luang Festival

December. My 5 Baci best memories
>> my article <<

Pimay at the Village

What was your favourite post this year ?

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