3 spots for last minute Christmas shopping

I can’t tell if it’s because of the (super) hot Winter weather or because I am far away from my family, but every year, I am always on last-minute-christmas-shoping-marathon. True.

This post is for my last minute buddies :). I drove around this morning and took some pictures here and there of nice stuffs. Here is my last minute Christmas shopping ideas in Vientiane.

The first. New Salon de thé & Epicerie fine in town, The first also showcase wonders handmade products. Special mention for those bamboo hats, these elephant dolls or a yummy Marou chocolate bar.

The first – Triple Three building, Samsenthai Thai

Le Comptoir. It is still one of my favourite shop in Vientiane. Among all the shop, the Vintage posters are for sure a sure bet. And I loved the Vientiane notebook (I am a fan of colouring, scrapbookings etc books)

Le Comptoir, Hengbounnoy Street

Interwoven. The shop definitely deserves a proper post (soon soon), but their earrings and bracelets are fabulous

Intervowen, behind Wat Ongteu

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