Fitness World at ITECC

The last time I checked in to the gym ? It was in 2016. I am not a big fan of the fitness centers: it’s because I am sooo lazy. I’d rather spend my Sundays on the couch with a cup of coffee and my laptop. But when Hubbie forced me to subscribe a membership at the gym, I thought I might give another chance to it… And me !

So here I am, at Fitness World, ITECC Mall. Facilities are still clean and it even had a relift and an expansion. It’s Sunday and I am surprised to see so many young people (i.e. so many pretty young women lol)– 2 years ago, members were mostly 30 and up.

Once I checked the new schedule, the Lao boxing course is about to start, so I thought why not ? Spectator for the first 40 minutes, it’s my turn now (and another new member) to climb on the ring and to give some punches ! 5 minutes and I am already short of breath (I only admit it here because of you, please don’t spread the word).

Interesting story, I know, but let’s talk about the gym center itself.

The facilities are spacious, under A/C and most of the staffs are kind. You’ll find there (ITECC Mall Branch) a boxing ring, a weight/bodybuilding area, some fitness machines such as treadmills, elliptical bikes or rowers. All of them are still working well and – as I assume it’s the case in most of the gym around town afterwork – you might need to wait for your turn.

The studio room is used for the classes that are held at the end of the day every weekdays: Zumba, ABT, Aerobic, Circuit Training, Yoga and Sexy & Free style dance… Every of them is conducted  by some very professional coaches. I personally love the Zumba and the Circuit Training.

After a hard workout session, you’ll appreciate the sauna. I usually finish my classes at 7.30PM – 8PM and I like to have 10min of sauna before going home. 

As said above, I subscribe for 1 year, and paid 1,800,000LAK, which is only 150,000LAK per month, which is pretty cheap for such quality (based on equipment/courses/cleanliness). 

Monthly subscription are pretty expensive though (around 450,000LAK) and even more for a dailypass (50,000LAK). I would recommend a 3 months purchase if 12 months seem too long for you.

To end on a more personal touch, I don’t have any regrets for going to the gym, and I try to keep a 3 times a week rythm (but it’s sometimes difficult to keep the path). I lost ‘only’ 2,xkg, but I feel much more better with myself and I even start to accept the image in the mirror… That’s much to say ! 


Fitness World
ITECC Mall 6th floor
Open every day until 9PM

What about you ? Are you a regular at the gym ? Happy to hear your experience !

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