[Luang Prabang] Lunch at Bouang

Digital era is simply amazing because it makes you discover new places, even when you are far away from it ! I discovered Bouang a bit before Pimay and I was so disappointed it was closed during my holidays trip in Luang Prabang early this year (link).

Luckily, during my last trip for Boun Lai Heua Fai, I finally had the chance to try it. And it was worth the wait.

Instagrammers, this is a warning: you’ll love it ! Make sure your camera and phone batteries are full ! The place is simply amazing, every detail has been carefully thought, and you’ll love every piece and every corner of it.

The colorful terrace

About the cuisine itself, Bouang proudly and smartly offers a fusion cuisine. A mix of Falang and Lao taste in every of the plate that will delight your palate, to choose among the “plate” in the strict meaning.

The choice is tough.

We were 3 and a very special mention for 2 of their best sellers: the Cinnamon pork stew and the Jacket potato. The first one is a delicious parmentier (one of my favourite French dishes) and the taste of Luang Prabang sausage topped with a Blue cheese sauce is simply amazing.

Cinnamon pork stew

Bouang Eatery, Luang Prabang main street

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