Shopping stop at Chansouk Souvenir Shop

Since I have moved to an appartment that I can call “home”, I am always looking for stuffs to make it even more cosy. The shop between Day  2 Night and Wat Anou catched my attention every time I passed by but… It was always closed ! On a Saturday morning though, some products were displayed along the street and doors were (was) open.

I couldn’t pass my chance to finally visit this souvenir shop, the Chansouk souvenir shop.

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The tiny shop is full of tempations: scarf, postal cards, earrings, tote bags and purses, bracelets, fan… For all the tastes and every budget. My favourites are the Indigo pieces, that I think are chic and casual at the same time.

By purchasing there, it improves lives of Lao women, and I am sure all of you agree with me: we are all glad to do it ! And even more when it’s beautiful.

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The clothes there are made in Thailand, but they look very good. I didn’t dare to try a grey dress in the middle of the shop but I’ll certainly return to buy it !

It honestly worths to pay a visit to the shop, it’s super tiny but every squared meter of it is filled, make it full of fabulous stuffs to bring back home. Or to buy as a present !

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Oh.. And for the story: I didn’t buy anything. At least, not for the appartment ;).

(Apologies for the lack of content, my brain is off since yesterday #sunday,mood)

Chansouk Souvenir Shop
Wat Chan Village
Open everyday from 12 to 9.


3 thoughts on “Shopping stop at Chansouk Souvenir Shop

  1. Salut ! Je vis à Thakhek depuis février, et je regarde régulièrement ton blog pour préparer mes passages à Vientiane donc merci 🙂 Sais-tu où je pourrais trouver de la poudre de matcha dans cette ville ? Aussi, je crois que ce magasin dont tu parles est fermé… Je cherche à me procurer un poster vintage du Laos (celle avec un éléphant dessus) mais je ne sais pas où trouver. Un conseil ?
    Merci d’avance pour ta réponse !


    1. Bonjour Lisa,

      Merci de me lire !

      Pour le thé matcha, tu peux contacter ou checker Ladda Bakery:

      Ladda bakery
      021 223 149

      Et pour le poster, je pense que tu peux contacter Vintage poster (s’il s’agit de ces posters), l’artiste est disponible généralement pour pick up ou livraison !


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