Where to eat late in the evening

If you live in Vientiane, you know what I mean by “late”. After 9PM, that is not such an easy thing to find a place where to have food. Actually, you can still go to a beer shop as they are all around town, but for a quiet place, let me share with you some spots.


1) Kitchen are open until 11.30PM at Hangout. There, you can get a proper dinner with air con and live band. I love their sun dried beef, the papaya salad and their coconut shake.



Hangout Restaurant, Phonsinuan Road, accross Lao Golden Hotel

2) You can have a bowl of Khao Piek at the 450 Years Market (same road as Bujo Center/Bowling) – I can’t tell you until what time those stalls are open, but I used to have a mii or a khao piek around 11PM.

Street food stall, Khounboulom Road, between the traffic light and Bujo Center

3) The famous Dimsum at That Khao is one of the place to go after partying, once the clubs close down. At 2AM, you still can satisfy your appetite with some dimsum, 5,000LAK per basket.

Dimsum That Khao, That Khao traffic light

4) At the back of the Talad Sao, you can have either a kaojee pâté, some crispy pork ribs with a papaya salad or even a khao piaek sen, until around (and at least) 3AM.



Street food stalls, M-Point Talad Sao

5) And finally, you can always go for a sine dard. For sure, the Saylomyen still serves after 9PM, this is the one I use to go. Love the garden atmosphere.



Saylomyen sine dard, Small alley after Go-DunK

Any other spots to share ? I would be happy to read about your secret places.

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