[App] Enkidu – Tested & Adopted

While I was having lunch here and there, I saw some small signs on the tables branded Enkidu. Curious as I am, I downloaded the app on my phone and checked in details what was under this name.


Simple as hell ! Eat (this, I love doing), drink (oh, this too) and redeem your points for some free bites, a coffee cup or even a proper plate (oh, I can re-eat !) !

Log in with your Facebook account, turn on your location and see which shops around you are part of the (already wide) network. I am sure you’ll find a lot of places you use to go and where it will be easy for you to win some Cherries 🍒.


Each coffee shop or restaurant applies its own conditions in terms or earning cherries and redeem, but the 3-4 spots I tried had a pretty reasonable system. Once your bill arrives, ask to the staff to present their QR code to add cherries to your account.


Loyalty programs are getting more and more common, I like the fact to having all of them in on app instead of carrying a card for every place you go to.

By sliding from the main screen to the left, you can check your Cherries but also the rewards. For example, I can redeem a Lassi or some samossas at my next visit to Flavours & Spices.

And you, did you now about this app ?
What do you think ?

Find more details:

  • On their FB page >> here <<
  • Website >> here <<

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