Le Carnaval des Animaux at Fanglao

Les bêtes sur la Lune were back with a new show this week at Fanglao Black Box: Le Carnaval des Animaux, or The Carnival of the animals. Throw back to this evening !





Before the show started, we could listened to some live music outside, had a drink at Love Life booth and enjoyed the beautiful creations of some young artists, on the Carnival theme (a contest was organized few weeks before).

After purchasing our tickets, we just get a refreshment and a snack before we entered into the “box”. With the company of two monkeys, we took a seat on the floor.

The Cat, who is the narrator here, tells about how much she would like to join a carnival. The cat, who consider herself as an ordinary animal, is wondering what make the others so special, so she invites them to come and make their show.

It lasted 40 minutes… A bit too short ! Yes, it was such a pleasure watching the lion, the hens or the rabbit dancing, mixing between Contemporary, Lao and Hip Hop gestures, and playing with some props.




I also love the lesson of life Les Bêtes sur la Lune tells us through their stories. They performed during one week and if was full every night.



I warmly recommend their spectacle and I will surely attend the next one. Follow them on Facebook to be aware of the upcoming events.

>> Les Bêtes sur la Lune <<

>> Fanglao <<




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