Good France – Goût de France 2018

Let’s do it again ! Good France – Goût de France is back for a new edition, and you’ll have to choose (Whyyyyyyyyy) where to be among the 4 restaurants that are taking part in this great project.

Last year, I talked about it >> here << – I had a delightful evening at Bistro 22 with “Le Grand Apéritif”. It was absolutely divine, and it was a VERY huge apéritif – one advise: be prepared ! I am not sure I can attend this year, but I just wanted to share with you the options.

Good 2018

French Embasssy


Le Grand Apéritif, Bistro 22, Philippe BOUCLEY & Pierre VIALA

Some “bites” to pick, 3 per dish, for a total of 5. You just wish 21st is tomorrow when you see the menu. The collaboration between Philippe and Pierre from Paradice sounds explosive. I would die to try out the beetroot sherbet and the blue cheese ice cream (I am not sure there is something better than blue cheese).

Les Jeremys de Vientiane, Rashmi’s Plaza Hotel, Jérémie MULLER & Jérémy HERZOG

None only united by their name, both Jérémie and Jérémy are (I assume) also passionated by food. Together, they prepared a menu with some French classics – the frogs – aside to some local products – the Tomme Lao (What ? Where can we find this ?). An association which seems very promising…

And here is a video of the duo >> here <<

Jeremies cover

Jeremies menu


Dîner de Gala, Ansara Hotel, Jean-Marie STAINMESSE & Tinay INTHAVONG & Boris LUANGKHOT

Mix knowledge, creativity and passion: you get a menu with traditional AND revisited French dishes, such as a pâté en croûte au chorizo or foie gras à l’Armagnac. Are you salivating too ? People are not very disappointed with them, I am pretty sure the alliance of three of them will be audacious.

Ansara cover

Ansara menu


Banh Yaddao, Sayavouth SOUTHAKAKOUMAL

He is the Chef I don’t know about, I only remember the feedbacks people around me were giving while Chef Sayavouth was still at Nadao Restaurant, based in Mandala Hotel.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find his menu for Good France on FB, maybe it is not public yet.



Are you attending one of these dinner ? I have two weeks left to find out how to split myself into 4. If you do, please share some pictures !


**All pictures were downloaded from Bistro 22, L’Adresse – Cuisine by Tinay, Rooftop lounge – Sky bar and Ambassade de France au Laos FB page**

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