5 reasons why you should not love Vientiane

Can you really count how many times you heard something liek “there is nothing to do in Vientiane” ? I can’t, but I would say a hundred times. So here are the reasons you should not love Vientiane.

1. Vientiane is not beautiful

That Luang / Patuxay / Suanmone area / Sao luk meuang / Sokpaluang Village / Wat Donnokhoum / Wat Xieng Ngeun / Ecole de Médecine


2. Food is not that great

Sine dard at Poysian / Khaonom “Olo” in Phao Village / Jeow at Anou Night Market / Pon paa at Lao Kitchen / Khaonom in Haysok Village / Mi kiew in Haysok Vilage / Keng kiew wan at Hangout / Lao dishes at Phoyphalin / Chicken in Saphanthong Village 


3. There is nothing to do

Boun That Luang / Beerlao Countdown / Heineken Green Room / Chinese New Year / A night to the Museum / Boun Ork Phan Sa / Fête Nationale / Mixologist at Laoderm / Motor Expo / Oktoberfest / Someday by the Mekong


4. And nowhere to go

Lao Zoo / Phabath Phonsan / Tad Xai / Buddha Park / Thalad / Hin Khan Na


5. Finally, there is no place to shop

Her Works / Birds Follow Spring / Ministry of Silk / Miniso / Café Vanille / Victoria shoes by High Step / Saoban / Bandith / Amazingworx / Le Comptoir-JHA


Do you agree ?

If, like me, you love Laos, you must follow Lao Old Photos on FB >> here : they have fabulous pictures from the 20st Century: Talad Sao, schools, Patuxay, Khouvieng…

And thansk to the Visit Laos Year 2018 Campaign, I do hope the World will know more about this wonderful country, and this lovely city that I call home.










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