A new chapter to write

Happy New Year dear reader ! A New Year to come, a new chapter to write. 2017 ended well, and I am really happy to see how My Little Vientiane has evolved through the year. Not because of my writings, but because of you reading me everyday.

A New Year always often come with resolution, so why should we drop off this tradition ? I will certainly not, even though I am not the best to stick to them. I can do it. For hours. Or few days. Even few weeks. But I actually “like” the fact we can push ourselves at least once in a year to be a better us. Don’t you ? (This article is becoming dramatic… I stop here !)

Just a 10 short list of my best moments of 2017

A trip in France
Our wedding
A new job
A new home
The visit of my parents
The pregnancy of a dear friend (and that’s a girl !)
The endless conversation with a dear friend
More and more visitors everyday (even though I am not posting)
Many inbox messages and sweet words
So many exciting things for 2018

And for 2018, here is my list of not resolutions but challenges.

1. Be more regular. Despite all the love I have for this blog, I am sometimes running after some free time, not to write, but to walk around and check new places and take pictures. I don’t want to use others photographies as I feel this is very personal. So, sometimes, it takes me several weeks to write about one place. In 2018, I will try my best to share with you as much as possible what I like.

Processed with VSCO with  preset

2. Be more “me”. When I started My Little Vientiane, I wanted to be “anonymous”. Not that I wanted to be hidden from you, but I was not really ready at that time. Today, I want this blog be more personal, you might have noticed it in the few past posts. And I will be talking more about me this upcoming year 🙂

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

3. Be more creative. There are so many things I would like to share with you, but it is not always easy to put it on a paper. Anyway, I have many things on mind, but especially, an interesting discussion came up and I really hope it will end to a superb collaboration.


I couldn’t go over 3 points without thinking it will be unrealistic !

What about you, what are the positive points of 201 ? And the challenges for 2018 ? I’ll be happy to read them ! Meanwhile, enjoy evening parties – and if you don’t know yet where to go, check My Vientiane list >> here. See you next year and again: Happy, Happy New Year !

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