[Top 5] Instagram From the roots to…

It seems that Lao people abroad don’t forget about their roots. Through culture, but especially food, these IG accounts will make you salivate.


1. Taste Lao

Based in New Zealand, Taste Lao advocates to bring Lao food into the market. Taste Lao offer you tasty paste and marinade for the ones who want to (re)discover and enjoy original Lao dishes at home.

Taste Lao

Website: www.tastelao.co.nz


2. Saap Lao Kitchen

It’s about a band of cousins and brothers in US, who want to share their passion for Lao food. Their beef jerky seems delicious !

Saap Lao Kitchen

Website: https://saapkitchen.com


3. Lao Food Movement

Lao Food Movement promote Lao cuisine small businesses and projects. Don’t check their feed if you are hungry and not in USA.

Lao Food Movement


4. I eat Lao food

Since 2015, I eat Lao food spread Lao food and culture in New York, by holding pop up events and dinners.

I eat Lao food

Website: www.ieatlaofood.com


5. Laovinit

Fresh and authentic Lao food on a truck: that is the concept of Laovinit. Call them for your private parties !


Website: www.laovinit.com

Shall I be aware of others accounts ? 🙂 Please share.



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