Toh-X Coworking space

Toh-Lao has recently opened a new space in town: Toh-x. Toh, which litterally means “desk” in Lao, is the first coworking space here in Laos.

“TOHLAO Coworking Space means a lot more than just a place to get work done. It is a place brimming with innovation and creation, a place where like-minded people come to work, to collaborate, to grow their businesses. We simply created a place for the community to come together and we are looking for the right persons to help us make it the best Coworking community around”


Pretty famous in other countries, Laos didn’t have yet this concept, and I have to admit this is REALLY pleasant to have a quiet place to work. Especially, despite coffee shops and restaurants inspire me for my blog, it is not always easy to stay focus.

Problem solved now thanks to Toh-x ! Either you are a private or a startup, you can choose among several formulas, depends on what suits you the most: open space, private room, meeting room, even an office for your Company.

Every package includes water, coffee and tea during your time there. I am writing from here now, and today, that is pretty quiet, which is fine for me, as I needed to work seriously, after few weeks of holidays.





Kaysone Road, same building as Exo Travel, 4th floor
Open from 9AM to 9PM
020 78 45 55 51




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