Street food #2

In Laos, food is life. I used to hear my mae tou calling people and asking “kin khao kup yung ?” = what did you just eat ? Even before she said sabaidee.

Here in Vientiane, you can see people eating ALL DAY LONG (!!!): a noodle soup in the morning, the lunch at 11, the fruits and their spicy dip at 2PM, the snack at 5PM and finally the dinner at 7PM (and for some, another snack before to go to bed !). Luckily – or maybe because of this insatiable appetite, street vendors goes around the city.

1. Louk sin

This lady brings with her motorbike her two adorable sons,  a fryer and many varieties of louk sin or meat balls: beef, fish, tofu or sausages, just choose them for 10 or 20,000LAK (or more !) and get your assortment, topped of a sweet and spicy as per your request, and some fresh cabbage and coriander.



At Home Ideal intersection around 5-6PM, Haysok Village

2. Laab ngua

Many books and guides consider the laab as THE National dish. This couple prepares one of the best original beef laab in town. Aside, pick a piece or two of meet to get a tasty soup.


Night Market, Anou Village


3. Patés chauds

This man keep his recipe secret for years, even decades. Many persons asked him to buy the recipe, but today, nobody knows yet his secret.My parents were already buying from him when they were still living here, some pâtés chauds, these delicious (and fat) doughnuts, made from a dough of taro and filled with sausage meat.



Home Ideal intersection from 6PM, Haysok Village


4. Banh cuon

In front of the Vietnamese Temple on Samsenthai Street (Junction with Khounboulom Street), two sisters make FABULOUS banh cuon, these yummy rice pancakes filled with pork and mushrooms ! You’d better wake up early if you want some.



 Samsenthai Road, Sihom Village


5. Nam wan

Nam wan litterally means sweet drink. People commonly choose three different “bites”: barley, taro, corn, black or red beans, lotus… Add to this some cane sugar, coconut milk and ice. Enjoy !




Home Ideal intersection, Haysok Village

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    1. Hi Jef !

      Thank you for your comment and for following me, I am glad you like mylittlevientiane !

      Please let me know your favourite places for local food, I will be more than happy to try out !


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