[Report] Goût de France / Good France 2017

French cuisine is the interpreter of a cuisine that has evolved towards lightness in harmony with its environment… The common point of this event is generosity, sharing and the love of what is beautiful and tastes good. It will be a delightful interlude and an opportunity to celebrate French cuisine worldwide. ” – Alain Ducasse

The concept has been carried out by Alain Ducasse, probably the most famous Chef from France and counting several Michelin stars,  and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Besides the fine dining and the promotion of French gastronomy, Chefs are encouraged to donate 5% of the proceeds to support local projects through NGOs.

Cr. Ambassade de France à Pékin

2017 March, 21 marked the 3rd edition of this great initiative: it gathered more than 2,000 Chefs accross the 5 continents. In Vientiane, 3 places offer the opportunity to offer to food lovers their delicacies : La Signature at Ansara Hôtel, L’Adresse – Cuisine by Tinay and Bistro 22. Since I didn’t find the magic formula to make 3 me, I couldn’t attend all the restaurants, with regrets, but I picked some pictures from Chefs just to make sure you don’t want to miss the 2018 edition !

Each menu requires specifications an should follow a French traditional meal, which includes 5 courses: an apéritif, a starter (cold and hot), a fish, a meat or a poultry, cheese and the dessert (yes, we eat a lot !)

La Signature at Ansara Hotel

La Signature – I wrote about few weeks ago (just here) – served food from the Chef Jean-Marie. On the menu, some of our classic dishes which usually define the French cuisine: foie gras, a salmon tartare, a piece of beef gratinated with Morbier cheese. Every plate was accompanied by a glass of wine.

Ansara Gout-de-france_2017
Cr. Ansara Hotel website

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find pictures yet, but I really hope I can add in some later.

La Signature Restaurant at Ansara Hôtel
Hom 5, Watchan Village

L’Adresse, Cuisine by Tinay

Warmly joined by Jean-Yves, former Chef at Settha Palace and founder and owner of Khalon Noi, and Boris, owner of Bakery by Boris, Chef Tinay offered once again a creative and modern menu.

Tinay menu

Cr. L’Adresse – Cuisine by Tinay
Tinay 3
Cr. L’Adresse – Cuisine by Tinay
Tinay 2
Cr. L’Adresse – Cuisine by Tinay

L’Adresse – Cuisine by Tinay Restaurant
Behind Wat Ongteu, Ongteu Village

Bistro 22

By calling it “Le grand Apéritif” – understand the big appetizer, Chef Philippe surprised us. At least, he surprised me ! I was expecting very small portions, but after the fourth dish, it was like I ate a beef by myself. It was the first Goût de France I attended, and I was not disappointed at all !

Bistro 22 Menu 2017


Marbré of foie gras, with ginger bread and pear




A powerful and very tasty Cheese croquette


Bistro 22 Restaurant
Samsenthai Road, Phiawat Village

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