Suzette. This cute name used to be a common name in France, some decades ago. But most important here, it’s a name of a crepe. No, the most important is that Suzette is the name of the new crêperie in Vientiane.

The restaurant is a cosy place, and I personnally really love the decoration: all the walls are covered by wood boards, which reminds houses on the sea cost of Brittany. Add to this simple wood table, and the girly touch, a hint of dried flowers on each of them .





Of course, main dishes are galettes – salty “pancackes” (a Britain will surely kill me if I dare to compare both ! But just so you can visualise the galette) made with buckwheat floor – and crêpes. However, you have other options, such as salads and croques. Vegetarian options too.

Each galette and crêpe has a name, I mean a proper name: you will have to eat a Paul or a Viviane !

Galette Paul, with old style mustard and chicken
Classic croque Monsieur
Goat cheese salad

And as a sweet treat, of course, I had a crêpe: choose Viviane with an amazing Chocolate sauce, the Manila with a homemade Caramel, … Other yummy bet is waffles ! Any of them deserve a try !

Crêpe Manila

Before you leave the place, even if you don’t want to, grab few grams of homemade granola and a box – made from paper only, no plastic, no glu – of delicious biscuits made by Les Petits Papiers.




Where to find them

Setthathirath Road, Namphu area (next to Sputnik Burger)
Open for lunch until 9PM
Close on Monday

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