[Top 5] Instagram

Over the past 3 years, I haven’t took time to visit all the Country, but luckily, through Instagram app and passionated people, I can explore this piece of Earth from  my phone. I have selected 5 Instagram accounts which offer the best of Laos. Enjoy !

1. mylaolife

Laos with the eyes of an Australian living in Vientiane. The photos show the chaos (yes, I know, this is Vientiane, but still) of the tuktuk in the Talad Sao – Morning Market – area, but also hidden gems or scene of life, like Monks at the back of a tuktuk. I like the way what makes me love in Laos is captured.



2. everydaylaos

Everydaylaos gathers pictures taken by random people travelling through or living in Laos. Whether you would like to submit yours, just hashtag your photography with #everydaylaos. Interesting to follow, as we can see Laos with differents points of view.


3. eatdrinklaos

Despite the name, eatdrinklaos is not “just” about food; many pictures of the countryside of Laos. Her pictures in the South of Laos just call for travel ! Her blog offers many interesting articles and places to visit.


Blog: www.eatdrinklaos.com

4. laospictures

Fabulous pictures from all around Laos, from cuties kids (it is just an euphemism, isn’t it ?) to beautiful Lao woman in sinh, from mountains to paddy fields. If you follow them on Facebook, you will have time to time old pictures to throw back in the 90s.



Facebook: Laos Pictures ຮູບພາບປະເທດລາວ


5. fromlaoswithlove

Breathtaking pictures or Laos, what the owner page calls the “Land of Temples and Waterfalls”. To have a chance to have your pictures taken in our lovely Country on the page, hashtag #fromlaoswithlove. Almsgiving, landscapes or chilling at the pool, a nice variety of what Laos is.



Thanks to all those people for sharing and spreading their love for this wonderland. We love Laos ❤ What about your favourite IG accounts, do you any to recommend ?


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