Street Food #1

1. Rice with eggs skewers

From 5PM till the stock is over, these two “sisters” sell what we call khao jee ping, which is a skewer of rice, marinated in a egg and seasoning mix. These skewers are then grilled, and for the most “reckless”, there is the chili option !

Khao jee ping, Dongpalane Road


2. Roti Pancake

Roti has probably been introduced in Laos by Indian people, even if nowadays, Lao people are also great to work the dough ! My favourite vendor of these delicious roti is the man  on the picture below, he smiles all the time, and so his crepes taste even better !

Roti, Sihom Village


3. Banana, Corn & Sweet Potato

What a better snack than one without any fat content ? Small bananas, corn or sweet potato can satiate before dinner. And this man is so kind, I am really happy to see his face everyday.

Koy & salii ping, Sihom Village


4. Banh mi

Did the French or the Vietnamese bring the baguette in Laos ? Whoever did, the banh mi or khao jii pate in Lao, is a suitable snack or consists in a real meal for some (a half baguette is pretty rich actually). Open from 5AM to 10PM, whenever you are craving for this, you can have one.


Khao jee pate, Dongpalane Village



5. Luang Prabang Sausage

The sausage from Luang Prabang is one of my favourite dish from this province, and I have to say I am pretty happy I can find a yummy one here in Vientiane (which is not such an easy thing for all the specialties from provinces).

Say kork Luang Prabang, Anou Night Market

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