[Report] Heineken Green Room

The famous brewery Company, Heineken, can already count successful partys around Vientiane. Last Saturday, Heineken made us move on the dancefloor at The Dome WTC World Trade Center. Ready to touch the music ?



A concept

In Asia, more than 10 Countries were on the #heinekengreenroom tour, with the slogan “don’t just listen, live your music”. The aim of the Green Room concept is to bring together music and creative art forms.

For instance, 4 cabins for 4 experiences: static, subzero, pressure and glitters (let’s keep things glamourous in any circonstances).


Some sofas here and there + a – I assume – local DJ for people who were outside the dome was a part of the setup. Also, many selfies spots were available for some unconditionnal selfie addicts.

The DJs

In Vientiane, we had the chance to meet 2 International renamed DJs.

Thomas Newson, a famous (and young !) Dutch DJ, known over the world with his single “Flute”, which has been viewed on Youtube 50 million times !


La Crème started in England and became quickly a person of interest ! He is now a resident DJ during Full Moon Parties, the most famous parties in Thailand.


We are used to EDM music in Vientiane, especially with few clubs in town, but a such live was definitely a vibe we would LOVE to have more often here 🙂 It  was an epic night !

The party

Lots of beers, lots of bass, they putted Vientiane on fire during hours ! And we, guests, were not the only ones to dance: 4 “droids” and the robot were on the stage, time to time, and showed us how to have fun.




Can’t wait for the next one (Hope Heineken is reading me right now) !

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