Relax at Mekong Spa

Hi everyone, hope you are doing well. First of all, let me wish you all the best for 2017, I do hope this year will be fulfilled by a lot of joy and happiness for everyone of you. Today, I bring you to a new place to pamper yourself !

The place is clean, as it has been renovated from… Actually, I don’t remember what this place used to be. Anyway. Very spacious, the Lao Mekong offers several kind of services, such as massages, body scrub and nail services.

Before to start, your foot will be washed by one of this different kind of scrubs.

Assortment of flavoured scrub

The Massages

So of course, they propose the classic foot, Lao and oil massage. I am not a big fan of foot massage, but the Lao massage was really GREAT ! Honestly, it was one of the best I had in 3 years in Laos.

Foot massage
Balm massage

I saw on the menu there are different packages, one of them, called “Stress release”,  including 30′ of Head & Shoulder massage, 60′ of Lao massage and then 30′ of Herbal massage. Price was around 20USD, which is pretty reasonable. I will probably try it out soon… 🙂

The body treatments

If you are not so in fond of massages, pick one of those body scrubs: rice, jasmine, mangosteen, coffee, coconut… Make your choice ! On the menu, all the benefits of each of them is written down. I guess the scrubs they use and the one you get your foot washed are the same. I don’t remember which one it is, but you have one with rice water smell. Love it !

Flavoured scrub

Nail station

More than a “station”, a whole room is dedicated to nail, care and polishing.


I had a regular foot care + nail polishing, all for 100,000LAK. It lasted almost 1 hour, and the young woman was very professional and careful. As you can see, the choice of colors is huge ! Lao Mekong Massage proposes nail lacquer from Zoya and O.P.I.

I choose a rose nude from O.P.I. The material there is very recent, and so a nail dryer will finish the job, once the woman had filed and applied the nail color, the dry fluid and dropped some nail care product.

Pick your color
The material trolley

And for those who prefer the gel, there is also many colors to choose among. I am not sure about the price, but as I was reading the menu, it didn’t seem too pricy. In plus, removing the gel – which sometimes can be pretty expensive to “just” remove it – was less than 80,000USD. Will definitely give a try.


Where to find them

Nokeokoummane Road, next to Couleurs d’Asie
Open till 10PM
7 days a week






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