Her Works Handicraft

Her Works was born with the will to empower women from the village, by offering them a way to continue their art, not without adding a difference with delicate touch.



Bags & Purses

Her Works has a wide range of bags and purses, from nude to colorful tones, all in cotton and or hemp, with original motif.

Most of the patterns from Laos are a kind of signature, the motifs made from here are unique. I heard they also source some others from the region (Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar…).




Many sizes and many colors, you can choose whatever is the most “suitable” for you. I chose one for all my felt pens and washi tapes, but I am looking now for a handbag 🙂 (my own Christmas gift).

Clothes & Co

1. Clothes

Her Works also offers a selection of clothes, and I totally would wear them with a pair of sneakers !


2. Jewelries

To complete your look, pick one of their pieces of jewelries. Among the necklaces, earrings, my favourites are the bracelets ! I love them !



3. Pillows

In the same spirit with the purses, Her Works makes pillows, and the indigo or the white ones are definitely style I would love to have in my place  (second own Christmas gift !)




Where to find them

Flagship store, Nokeokoummane Road
Booth, Setthathirath Road


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