[Christmas] Where to eat ?

Because Christmas means also good food, and either you are lazy or not a good cooker (no offense 😉 ), luckily, for all of us, some of our favourites restaurants in Vientiane have thought about us for the Christmas eve dinner. I selected only 5 places, places where I really like the food.


1. La Signature at l’Ansara

Cr. Ansara Hôtel


2. L’Adresse, Cuisine by Tinay

Cr. L’Adresse

3. Le Silapa



4. Love Life

Cr. Love Life

5. Bistro 22

The menu is not online yet, but, by experience from last year, and because Bistro 22 is well -known for its delicious food, it is also a place of choice to go fo Christmas Eve. There is no Christmas “menu” but a selection of Suggestions for the Festive Season, so you can go through these à la carte.

Cr. Bistro 22 “Chez Philippe”

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