Pâtisserie Jérémy Herzog

The opening of the Pâtisserie Jérémy Herzog definitely made some noise around town. Well known for his creative pastries, many people were waiting for a boutique dedicated to the gourmandise ! Also, many blogs and reviews rewarded Jeremy’s work on the Internet, so not that I wanted to “just” follow the trend, but I definitely had to talk about this place !

Le décor

Very minimalist, the shop looks like a high end Parisian salon de thé: all the walls are white, some decoration here and there.


The bench is pretty comfortable, and when sitting close to the window, you can enjoy a view on the busy traffic of Fa Gnum Quay (and in my opinion, it is more quiet than the cute terrace).


The Pâtisserie also counts some wonderful painting, made by a local artist. The one above is the entrance, I really like the style, but my fav’ is in the toilets, I’ll let you check by your own 😉

By the way, there is also a perfect selfie spot, which reproduces a Parisian subway station, and not any kind ! The famous “Louvre-Rivoli” 🙂


Les Pâtisseries

So, yes, we come for the pastries. And we are not disappointed. At all. Since the opening, the team has extended the range, and you can find, I guess, around 10-15 varieties of pastries everyday. Chocolate, lemon or passion lover: you’ll find your fix there !




Most of the classics are revisited, but you still can find some “original” French pastries, such as Baba au Rhum, Paris Brest…



I don’t have the best pictures, as I usually step by at the end of the day, and so you can guess, many references are “out of stock” ! Just for info, Happy Hours are held from Monday to Friday, with a Buy 1 get 1 offer. One more reason to go there !


Les  “Plus”

In plus of the amazing pastries, the Pâtisserie Jérémy Herzog also offers bread and viennoiseries, as a Boulanger. Fresh tradition baguette and generous croissant. Try the Pain suisse and the Pain à la pistache (not sure about the name tho).



For the ones who prefer a salty breakfast, the Spanish omelette or the American breakfast are warmly recommended (expert voice !)




I haven’t had time to give a try to the lunch dishes yet, but sounds promising ! I tell you more later !

Where to find them

Fa Gnum Quay
Open everyday

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