The High Tea by Dao Heuang

“Good coffee can only be better when enjoyed in comfort”, this is Dao Heuang’s vision – Want to see how it looks like ?

Designed with Style

Entering there will make you feel in the middle of nowhere, out of time. Offering a minimal and all white design, The High Tea calls for a moment of peace to enjoy your food, cup of tea or coffee.

I understand why the place is frequented by many ladies: it reminds me when I used to play to be a “Madam” with a cup and a teapot 🙂



Famous around Laos for their coffee from the Bolaven Plateau, The High Tea has, of course, a selection of coffee packed in a bag for take away.

You can also find in the “Boutique” corner some pieces of cakes to take away. You have to try the banana bread !




The Menu

The menu is pretty basic, you don’t have 10 pages of dishes (which is good, actually), but the food is good, prices are reasonable. Count between 5 to 8 USD per plate.

You could go for Vietnamese food: fresh and fried spring rolls, or havesome good Lao dishes, such as Nem Khao or Khao Poon.

Fresh Spring Rolls
Fried Spring Rolls
Khao Poon Ka thi


For the drinks, of course, it’s all about Tea and Coffee. I really like the Iced Lemon tea – which I order not too sweet – but others are very perfumed too.

For the adepts of the green tea, you might like the Green tea smoothie – not my cup of tea (Mouhaha) but friend says it is good.

Where to find them

Samsenthai Road, in front of Black Canyon Coffee
Open everyday, 9AM-7PM


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