A place full of items to fill your house and fulfill your heart, today, let’s go to Miniso !


Welcome into the Universe of Japan !

Miniso was founded by 2 men, one Japanese, the other Chinese, with the philosophy of providing to Customers creative and low-price products but with quality for home, decoration, fashion…

Pretty renamed in Asia, especially in China, Miniso has recently started to operate in Laos, for the pleasure of all of us ! Japan is well-known for all kind of gadget and put creativity in every single thing existing in your life.


Kitchen vibes

Funny plastic bottles for detox water, cute mugs, ice molds, bowls, colander etc. As many products as needed to start the day in a good mood !


Ideal for Detox waters
Ceramic mugs

And my favourite : these sets of cutlery; which could perfectly match with a bento (that actually I could not find there. Any hint is welcome !) and  those lovely pans ! Men, these last ones are for you (you know, when you prepare breakfast for your wonderful wife).

Just to be sure you can eat wherever you are
Smiley pan



Decoration is a part of what make us feel home, right ? It says a lot about your tastes, your personality etc. At Miniso, many items, which are not heavy, can be found : plant in a jar, candle, air diffuser, …




Also, the shop proposes many items for house, such as (sachets parfumés), storage boxes



Take good care of yourself


The shop is full of everything you need for a daily hygiene : shampoo, lotion, makeup and even perfume ! But also all kind of accessories for hair and homewear.







Where to find them ?

Talad Sao II Mall 1st floor
Open 7 days a week, 9AM-8PM

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