Christmas Shopping List #1

A bit more than 30 days to go before Christmas ! Even if you can’t really feel the Christmas Spirit in Laos, I already saw many people start thinking about the gifts for their beloved ones – including me !

From now on until the last Day, I will share with you a selection of items for the whole family, upon every budget. Yesterday was held the annual WIG Bazaar, and the place was full of inspiration for this first Christmas Shopping List by My Little Vientiane.


1. A Christmas Sock

What a better way to catch the Christmas spirit than by getting a Christmas Sock to hook in your house (not sure one of us has a chimney tho 😉 ) ? A perfect mix between Christmas tradition and Lao textile. And a perfect gift.

Christmas sock
Booth at the WIG Bazaar
Christmas Sock

Sold online (still looking for the Vendor) (Madam, if you read me…)


2. A piece of jewelry

A necklace, a bracelet, a pair of earrings or a key ring: discrete of costume jewelries, every woman may love one of their creations.

Necklaces for everyday or party
Leather bracelet
Key ring. I also like to hang it on a handbag

From 80,000LAK
Interwoven, Namphu Square


3. A set of Hygiene products

Taking care of ourselves is always a pleasure ; while using natural products, it’s even better !

Assortment of soaps, around 20USD
Hygiene set, 46USD
Flower sponge, bowl and soap, around 10USD

Products from 5USD
Les Artisans Lao at T’Shop Laï Gallery, Wat Inpeng area


4. Cotton Purse

To bring everywhere, for your Makeup, your money or anything else you need to have with you all the time. The size make it very convenient and it perfectly fits in a handbag.

Colorful cotton purses

Her Works, Nokeokoummane Road + Booth on Setthatirath Road (Dhavara Hotel junction)


5. A Skateboard

For a teenager or a person who is a “thrill seeker”, a skateboard will make a nice gift ! I am not sure there are Skate parks here, but for sure, Vientiane has plenty of places to have fun with a skateboard !

Moov’ngo Skateboard

Monument Toys, Samsenthai Road (in front of Wat Simeuang)


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