Saoban Handicraft

We do have a chance in Vientiane: having so many cute places for shopping. To treat others or ourselves, there are many shops selling local creations around town.

Today, I take you to Saoban !

Saoban Handicraft

The Aim of Saoban

Saoban is a social enterprise showcasing handicraft from Laos in one place. The aim of Saoban is to work with and promote work and knowledge from Villages, especially Women, and so empower them.

Thanks to it, Villagers have work and gain experience, they earn money and can get out of poverty. And honestly, you don’t even need to make any effort to purchase from Saoban ! Pieces are valuable for money, and some of the products are even sent abroad, especially in France.

Saoban, which litterally means “Woman from the Village” is a responsible way to shop in Vientiane, and all wares perfectly combine ancient techniques and modern styles. Each corner of the shop comes from differents provinces of Laos and supports different projects.

For you


Jewelries made from bombs


Earings, shirts, scarf, purses… Are products you can find at Saoban. All is stylish, whatever your style is. My favorite is the bamboo and cotton purse, that you can carry for galas or during the week-end (when you don’t have to transport all your mess) (so basically, on Sunday).

For home

Coffee and Tea

Coaster and photo frame are made from newspapers, but there are also many bamboo baskets, which can give to your house a local touch, while being useful too. I personally use these baskets for my Makeup, my jewelries etc..

Laos luckily produces some very tasty teas, as you can see the assortment on the picture. I often bring some when travelling back to France.


Soap are made by Soap4life, in order to prevent disease and mortality in the rural region, by offering a “sustainable approach to health and hygiene” to Villagers.

For the lip balm, pick the rose flower: delicate and easy to wear all day.

With its meaningul slogan “Village Handicraft from the Heart of Laos” , let the villagers fill yours by shopping there !

Where to find them


Anou Road, WatChan Village
Monday to Saturday, from 9AM to 8PM
021 241 835

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